Important Features For Growing Your Restaurant Business

Even before you became interested in restaurant app development, you probably had used delivery apps to get meals and drinks from restaurants. Now DoorDash is one of the most popular food ordering platforms with a market share of 57% in the United States. It was founded in the early 2010s by Stanford students who were helping a local sweets shop with the delivery technologies. In 2013 they launched an MVP —, that was mostly popular among fellow students.

Main features of a restaurant app

A few of the social platforms include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Users can upload pictures and add updates about their special events. Add to cart is one of the extremely important food ordering app features. This feature lets the customer to ordering food from more than one location. With this Cart feature, they can add the items on the cart and simply place their order in one go. You can hire a Restaurant app development company to make your app development process faster.

Sergei Kiefel of Frasca Food and Wine is the MICHELIN Guide Colorado 2023 Service Award Winner

The restaurant offers a free appetizer to everyone who downloads the app. This generous offer leads to more downloads, and once the app is on the customer’s phone they’re far more likely to use it in the future. Nandos gets the benefit of being able to increase sales, which are no longer dependent on restaurant capacity as people can buy food to take away. With an app, restaurants can offer takeaway, delivery, dine-in, rewards schemes, and more. Even before the lockdown, statistics said that almost 60% of U.S. consumers order delivery or takeout once a week!

  • This feature allows you to assign the deliveries location wise to a particular delivery partner.
  • Your app should solve the demand of customers and the requirements of your business.
  • So, with admin panel features, you can design and manage your restaurant business website effectively.
  • MongoDB is a complementary database that can process data extremely fast.
  • Here, the restaurants scan their printed menus and add them to their gallery.
  • Although the delivery market size is a lot expansive that the restaurant finder app market size, there is something that entrepreneurs need to note.

The mobile restaurant app, in particular, makes it easier for restaurants to enhance their reputation, revenue, and customer loyalty. Restaurant mobile apps will help you stay in touch with your customers, create brand awareness, and even build relationships. Through an app, they can get notifications about your hottest specials, news, and discounts, and restaurant owners may collect feedback, hold contests, or run polls and surveys. Restaurant mobile apps help you stay in touch with your customers and build better relationships with them via restaurant apps.

Should my restaurant have an app?

There are few trends that will make your restaurant app very demanded. A restaurant app is a technology that allows you to attract, engage and convert sales. In order to create a restaurant app, the experts take into consideration usability, quality, and optimum performance.

Main features of a restaurant app

When customers install your mobile app, your brand is always in view. The app allows you to grab users’ attention and reduce advertising expenses. Mobile application statistics show that an average phone owner uses 10 apps per day and 30 apps per month.

How to Create Restaurant Mobile App: Key Features & Dev Process

Customers select when they want to pick up the food and choose to either pay by card or via cash on delivery. They order food and drinks from their phone, and servers bring it to the table. Like with the Shake Shack app, customers can create a profile and save their delivery and payment information, thus removing a barrier to repeat orders. Customers can order with credit and debit cards or pay with cash on delivery. Over the past few years, restaurants have grown wise to the power of apps.

Main features of a restaurant app

The app includes a database of all restaurants, cafes, and other dining locations nearby. Combined with geofencing, this app will help you attract new customers to your restaurant. A restaurant and food delivery app is a win-win solution restaurant app builder for customers and business owners. From the business perspective, the brand app has the following benefits. And speaking of the budget, if you’d like to get a free quote on the total cost and timeline of your, reach out to us.

A restaurant app will help in your segment business growth

Laura-Andreea Voicu is an experienced content writer with a knack for marketing and SEO. She delivers business-optimized content to help restaurants boost sales and grow their brand. While many thought this would be temporary, these ideas launched a new wave of innovation for restaurants. They created new ways to reach customers and boost revenue, especially by creating digital, interactive platforms. Thanks to the app’s simple interface, your customer can easily navigate to your order online option.

A welcome page and a user profile serve the same purposes as they do in the restaurant-supplier apps. Here they should also be simple and clear, but there is also a small difference. Restaurant-customer apps need more information about the user, including some payment information and exact geolocation. The restaurant and courier’s side of the app also needs a registration form.

Do-it-Yourself Mobile App Design

Moreover, he can instruct the driver to divert the delivery route in case of any road closure or related discrepancy. In this stage the developers create a mobile product that the customer will use. Frontend developers work with the layout of the designers so that a user can see and interact with it directly. Backend developers ensure that the response from the server reaches the client and the designed blocks function as desired. Additionally, the backend provides a convenient and safe environment for the customer to add and edit content on their site.

Main features of a restaurant app

Furthermore, a report by Bond says that approximately 62% of millennials are heavily influenced by loyalty programmes. Online ordering management features to manage all aspects of order size, reject or accept orders, status update, food preparation status, and delivery completion. Use these reviews to promote your restaurant by highlighting the more SEO friendly review. Not just that, you can leverage social media and tie it with your loyalty/discount programs to entice existing customers to earn points and rewards for inviting new customers/friends. According to Frost and Sullivan, the total online food ordering revenues is expected to be $200 billion (approx.) by 2025.

Create Restaurant App: Features, Cost & Tech Details

The app development for any purpose should be clear and standardized. This allows the customer and the contractor to be on the same page and achieve project success faster. Also, restaurants that use these services have zero control over branding or the delivery experience. The customer’s allegiance is with the aggregator app, not the restaurant—making it hard to build long-term (and profitable) relationships with customers.

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